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Planned Maintenance

Having a planned maintenance program can bring peace of mind to a building owner or manager. Keeping equipment functioning efficiently and properly can help reduce utility costs among other benefits.

MPS Skilled Technician


By utilizing a planned maintenance program, our customers have seen benefits such as:

Program Features:

Scheduled Inspections: McCarl's Preferred Services will schedule inspections based on the needs of your equipment. (Typically 2 to 4 inspections per year.) Our skilled technicians follow the tasking procedure based on the manufacturer's specifications.
Air Filter Maintenance: McCarl's Preferred Services will provide all necessary air filters, labor, materials, and disposal of the used air filters.
Emergency and Trouble Call Coverage: Even with comprehensive care provided in the Planned Maintenance Program, occasional failures can still occur. The cost of emergency service and labor are not covered: however, the call will receive top priority trouble call response.
Refrigerant Containment Services: McCarl's will use recovery, recycling, and reclamation of your refrigerant as appropriate to minimize costs of replacement refrigerant. All refrigerant containment services meet federal, state, and local regulatory guidelines.
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