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Energy Auditing

In today's environmentally conscious society, more and more facilities are looking for ways to be "green" while also saving operating costs. McCarl's Preferred Services can conduct energy audits in a facility and make recommendations to the customer on the best course of action that will result in a more energy efficient system and potential cost savings.

Energy Auditing

The steps to energy savings:

Initial Meeting: McCarl's Preferred Services will meet with you to discuss our services and the potential cost savings that may be discovered during the assessment of your facility.
Equipment Survey: McCarl's Preferred Services will evaluate the current equipment used in your facility.
Building Performance Assessment: McCarl's Preferred Services will set up auditing equipment throughout your facility.
Preliminary Recommendation: Our team will present your company with the audit results for your building.
Program Recommendation: Using the full audit results, McCarl's Preferred Services will recommend options to increase your building's energy efficiency.
Implementation Schedule: We will work with you to plan a schedule that fits your specific needs and requirements.
Performance Review: Once the plan has been executed, McCarl's Preferred Services will return to your building to complete another performance assessment to measure the results of the changes made.

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