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About Us - The McCarl Way®

With every project by McCarl's Preferred Services, you can be assured it will be done following the eleven components highlighted in "The McCarl Way®". Our company motto is "Quality Contracting...The McCarl Way®". It is a value statement in which each part is an important piece of the whole.

The standards established in "The McCarl Way® have been a keystone to the success of our business. Following these precepts will continue to be a focus for all employees as we continue to grow and adapt to an ever changing global economy. Flexibility and a willingness to change are critical components for any organization to succeed. While adapting to new business environments, strong businesses must still always remain true to the foundation and principals that they believe in and on which they were founded. You can be sure our company will keep an eye on these standards on a daily basis as a benchmark for our decisions and performance.

Roll your pointer over the holes in the flange below to learn more about each aspect of "The McCarl Way®" and what it means to our commitment of complete and unsurpassed customer satisfaction.

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